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Krimidinner: Tödliche Sitzung – Mord im Vereinsvorstand

Wednesday, 07.12.2022 19:00 Uhr

Anger, quarrels and a lot of frustration are not far away when someone has to murder.

And there’s a lot of fighting. As always when the Sagenwalder village association from Lower Bavaria meets for the board meeting.
And this time, too, there is disagreement about the next actions for the village of Sagenwald. Above all busybodies Franz Huber is again against every suggestion. The club manager, who is called “Gschaftlhuba” by everyone, breaks the biggest argument in the history of the board of directors. It even goes so far that they threaten each other with murder and manslaughter. The club members end the meeting in anger. The next day then the accident. The busybody lies dead in front of the clubhouse. Was it an accident? Was it murder? The investigation is ongoing. However, the SOKO-Sagenwald is not getting anywhere with the belligerent association and urgently needs support.

Join the investigation and find out what happened over a humorous evening. Was the “Gschaftlhuba” actually murdered? And if so, who was it?



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